Final Profit: A Shop RPG

Final Profit: A Shop RPG
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Brent Arnold
Дата выхода:
6 марта 2023
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Final Profit is a merchant life-sim RPG that presents a critique of capitalism.
It's an RPG with no combat, instead you'll earn XP through profit made while running your shop. The gameplay starts out simply as you take your first steps into the world of business, but gradually builds more complexity and interconnectivity as you progress, unlock, and upgrade new avenues to make money!
There's also a strong focus on story, with a rich narrative and plenty of humour. And many choices along the way that change how your shop develops.
Manage your shop, make investments, and explore a world full of secrets as you work to earn enough coin to take down the corrupt Bureau of Business!

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You are Queen Mab, exiled from the lands of the Fae because of your radical plan to save the realm from financial predators. The Fae Council thinks attempting to defeat the Bureau of Business at their own game is an insane ploy with no hope of success.
Prove them wrong.
Starting with nothing, assume the alias of Madama Biz as you accumulate wealth and influence to climb the ranks until you become a Lord of Business!
But you'll need more than just money. Seek out allies to help overcome the danger, traps, and colossal debt the Bureau has in store for you.

  • Will you manage to save your people?
  • How much are you willing to compromise?
  • Or will you lose sight of your goal entirely and become a ruthless agent of capitalism?



Earn XP by making money! Your main source of income will be your shop, but there's plenty of side hustles to uncover if you go looking for opportunities!


Find customers and unlock products to sell in your shop. Managing it all can get a bit hectic but there's plenty of ways to streamline, upgrade, and strategise to become more efficient!

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Automate your products going on display, unlock better and quicker ways to get stock, change the way customers behave, collect cosmetics to change the way your shop looks, and many more! There's a lot of options to build your own play style!



Some products you can buy, some you'll need to craft, or grow, or trade Mana for. Sell enough of a product to unlock branching quest lines that change how they work for you.

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There's more ways than just the shop to get ahead, buy stocks and property for some bonus passive income.
And if you're a troublemaker you can look for hidden ways to exploit the economy.


The Bureau will try to keep you down, prove yourself by building a fortune in spite of them!


The world is filled with things to do, minigames, side quests, collectables, unlockables, and secrets. Some are very well hidden indeed.


Make decisions that have an impact on the way your shop and the story evolve!


You're doing all this for a reason. The people of Faeona exiled you, their former Queen. But you've vowed to save them anyway. The Bureau of Business will regret the day they crossed you. Rise up! And become a Lord of Business!

Инструкция по активации

  1. Вам необходимо скачать клиент Steam с официального сайта ( Windows , Mac или Linux ) и установить.
  2. В следующем окне вам будет предложено ввести Логин и Пароль от вашего аккаунта, либо создать новую учётную запись.
  3. В меню «Игры» выбирайте пункт « Активировать через Steam ».
  4. В открывшемся окошке введите полученный код и нажмите «Активировать».

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  1. Вам необходимо скачать клиент Steam с официального сайта ( Windows , Mac или Linux ) и установить.
  2. Внимательно прочитайте инструкцию, оставленную Продавцом.
  3. Войдите в Steam, используя логин и пароль, которые вы получили после покупки. Обычно в формате login:password
  4. Перейдите в закладку "Библиотека", найдите в списке купленную игру.
  5. После загрузки вы можете начать игру.

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